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Current facts as the advancement of CBD

Here's the current facts as the advancement of CBD and the benefits are researched. CBD "OIL" or any oil for that matter, is not completely water soluble in the human body. We are made of mostly water. Oil and water DO NOT mix well. The scientists and medical community agree that NANO SIZING works wonders. When you nanosize CBD particle clusters to 40nm, you allow the CBD to be 1000X more absorbed into THE BODY! This is about what's best for the customer. When a customer makes a purchase of any CBD oil, they waste nearly 90% of the oil before the CBD has any chance of being effective. Would you like to just give me $100 for $10 worth of oil or would you rather give me $100 and receive $100 in NANO oil while actually receiving much more than what you paid for simply because the CBD was NANOSIZED...?

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